It's almost here! And you have everything ready: crib, wardrobe, changer, the roo… the room! Are you going to leave it that color?

Pink or blue? Or why not green, to make it neutral? If you don't know yet, or you're waiting to find out the sex when your baby is born, you can find many neutral colors like the aforementioned green, a light gray, or why not a light yellow?


Besides the colors, there are paints that not only look great but have a real use, like ultra satin paints or chalkboard, which prevent the stains that, sooner or later, your kids are going to leave. Right next to their works of art.

You can always paint walls, moldings, put some stars on the ceiling, but have you thought about giving a touch of color to the door? You can create your own design with tape, or just give it a more vivid color that'll add a fun touch to the whole room.

At The Home Depot® you'll not only find all the tools that you need to make everything look perfect, but also a great variety of colors to choose from, and the advice and expertise of the Associates to help you with any questions.