Kitchens, they never seem to be big enough to store all the gadgets we have and leave enough counter space to prepare food. If you live in an apartment like me, things could be even more challenging. My kitchen is tiny and I'm always browsing the storage section at the home store to find clever ideas to utilize all the space I have.

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Watch the following gallery to get ideas to find sneaky ways to get the most out of your space. You'll love the empty counter and the room you'll have to make your culinary creations!

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Magnetic jars 1

Magnetic jars

Image via Dav.I.Son

You need spices to season your food, but they often take up a lot of counter space. These magnetic jars are the perfect solution for a tiny kitchen. All you need to do is buy a magnetic strip at the hardware store and magnets to glue on to the caps. You'll have all your favorite spices at hand and off the counter.


Build up! 2

Build up!

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It's time you use that empty wall space on top of your counter. Build or buy a little shelf like this one to display and store your plates so you can make room in your cabinets. You can make the shelf the height and width you like to store either dinner or dessert plates.


Pots racks 3

Pots racks

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This is an ingenious way to keep those huge pots and pans out of the cabinets. You can either buy a full rack and install it on the ceiling or a little one like this one to hang on the wall.

Cabinet dividers 4

Cabinet dividers

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This is an easy and inexpensive way to double the space inside your cabinets. You can buy these in any home store and you can choose from different colors and materials. All my cabinets have them and I love the extra space I get.


Floating shelves 5

Floating shelves

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You can purchase them at a craft store and install them yourself. This is an easy project and perfect way to take stuff off your counter. I have one over my sink and I put the dish soap, sponge and brushes on it.


Over the cabinets 6

Over the cabinets

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That empty space over the cabinets is ideal for storing things you don’t normally use. For instance, I purchased glass jars like these and put extra tea, spices, coffee, flour and things I buy in bulk. I keep it up there and use it as a refill.


Behind the door 7

Behind the door

Image via Inspired Life

You have the doors, you might as well use them. Magazine holders are perfect to store aluminum foil, plastic wrap and bags. What a clever idea!

For the knives 8

For the knives

Image via ManMade

I’m very excited about this idea, I think its brilliant! All you have to do is buy a magnetic knife strip in a home store, install it on a wall and you are done. You can also make your own, but only if you want to. You’ll have so much space in your drawers to put whatever you like. It will also free your counter of those big wooden knife holders.