6 things you should NEVER clean with vinegar

VinegarMy friends, white vinegar is the best natural cleaning product because it's non-toxic, eco-friendly, cheap and has antibacterial properties. It's perfect for cleaning windows, bathrooms, getting rid of mold and eliminating bacteria from toys and household items. Warning! There are certain things you should never clean with vinegar. Don't worry, we are going to tell what surfaces and appliances should keep off the list so you don't ruin them.


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Vinegar is not soap and can't be used to clean everything. It actually doesn't work too well with grease. If you don't believe me, try cleaning the stovetop after your next meal. For grease stains it's better to use alkaline-based products like baking soda. Vinegar's high acidic content can damage and rust some appliances and surfaces in your house, so never use vinegar to clean these items.

1. Wood: It works like bleach on wooden surfaces. Don't use it to mop your hardwood floors or clean your wooden table because it will break the wax and oil coating from the surface. It will also take the color out the wood. Use cleaners for wood or just water.

2. Electronics: Don't use vinegar to clean your TV, computer or tablet because it will wipe off the oleophobic layer on the screens. It will leave them flat and without their natural shine. Just use a dry cloth to wipe the dust off the screen.

3. Marble and Granite: If you want to preserve the shine and natural qualities of the stone don't use vinegar. The acid will suck the life out of the stone, leaving it flat and brittle. Tea tree oil is a great natural alternative to clean stones.

4. Stainless steel: The acid will corrode the appliance in time and eliminate its natural shine. For a natural solution use a little bit of toothpaste on a wet sponge and clean away.

5. Food stains on the floor: If you drop an egg, ground meat, yogurt or any other protein based food, don't clean it with vinegar. The acid will modify the food molecules and coagulate it resulting in a hard-to-clean stain. Use regular soap to cleam them!

6. Bleach: I know it sounds like a clever solution and a cleaning power house, but if you mix vinegar and bleach you'll end up with poison. These two ingredients mixed together to create chlorine gas, which very dangerous to your health. Be careful!

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