6 Easy tips to keep your lingerie looking & feeling sexy!

LingerieSexy starts from within, and I'm not talking about you but your lingerie. I know its expensive, delicate and hard to take care of. But lingerie is also beautiful and has the power to make us feel gorgeous and sexy! Satin, lace, sheer and silk are tough fabrics to handle because they wear and tear easily.

You probably have a couple of really nice and expensive lingerie pieces that you hardly ever wear because you don't know how to take care of them. You are in luck! Keep on reading because we are going to tell you how to keep your favorite lingerie looking and feeling sexy!


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1. Hands only! The only way to really keep those sexy panties and bras alive is by washing them by hand. Listen, they are little and they don't take that long to clean. Trust me, hand washing them won't kill you and it will save you money.

2. Warm or cold water: To wash your lingerie, the best thing is to soak it for twenty minutes. Don't use hot water because it will break the elastic and will damage the delicate fabrics. Make sure to separate lights and darks and add a teaspoon of detergent. Rub gently to remove the little stains.

3. Avoid hanging! The best way to store your panties is to fold them gently in a drawer. If you hang them, they will lose their shape and the elastic will break. Hanging will also make holes in the soft fabrics and ruin the panties. You should also fold you underwired bras by putting the cups inside of each other. 

4. Invest in hosiery gloves: If your collection is mostly sheer you should buy a pair of these gloves and wear them when you are handling your lingerie. These gloves will prevent accidental shredding from finger nails, especially when putting on hosiery.

5. Give them some space: To prevent wrinkles don't cramp the lingerie together in a drawer. Remember that you paid a lot of money for these delicacies and you want to wear your money's worth. Treat them gently and invest in a lingerie box to keep it apart from your daily underwear.  

6. Add potpourri: If you not only want to look good when you are modeling your favorite lingerie, but also smell good, buy some scented lingerie potpourri. It usually comes in a lace bag so you can easily storage it with your favorite garments. 

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