Get rid of mold and mildew in 4 easy steps

moldMold and mildew are not only ugly, but also dangerous to your health. They love humidity, lack of ventilation and dark places. Of course the bathroom is their ideal environment, but so are your kitchen, your kid's room, your linen closet and your walls. Don't despair because we have solutions for you. So get ready to kiss (or maybe not!) mold and mildew goodbye, once and for all. 


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Mildew hates bleach, so make sure you have a bottle handy to tackle all those dangerous spots. Since it thrives in humidity, experts recommend installing dehumidifiers to ventilate and dry the air.

1. Clean the bathroom walls: Make sure to wash the wall with bleach to create a protective coating once a week whether you have mold or not. Open your shower curtain so it can air dry every day and open all the towels as well. To get rid of the mold on towels, make sure to brush the mildew off the dry towel with a brush first and soak the towel in bleach (safe for colors) for a day. Then wash it as you normally would.

2. Pay attention to the ceiling: Mold on the ceiling is a sign of leaks. Before you treat your ceiling make sure to cover the leaks. If the mold is in one spot you can wash the area with bleach and then add a protective coating to prevent future mold stains. Paint the area and make sure it dries completely.

3. Check out the walls: Mold stains on the walls could be serious because it means that the wall is wet inside. You need to make sure you bring in a professional to treat the inside of the wall first. People get sick because of allergic reactions to that kind of mildew. If the spot is only on the outside, wash the wall with bleach and dry it with a hair dryer before you paint it.

4. Watch your wood: It's not too common, but wood can also be affected by mildew. If you see a spot, vacuum it first and then clean it with soap. Make sure you dry the wood with a fan so you don't damage the finish. You can buy a protective wax to create a shield against moisture.

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