6 Surprising uses for baby products around the house

BebéWe live in a world where the worldwide recession is making many of us change the way we do things. Many times we have to improvise. And who's better at improvisation than us Latina moms? Well, one of the best-kept secrets is how well some of our babies' products work around the house. You'll be surprised to know which products you can "steal" from your little ones for other non-baby related uses.

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Check out six baby products that have uses well beyond their intended ones. I'm sure this will save you tons!

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Soe Kabbabe is a writer, journalist, a beauty editor, a wife and a mom... sometimes all at once. She's also the founder of Mamá Beauté, the first online beauty magazine for moms in Spanish. Proud Venezuelan living in New York.

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Add Comment What other baby items do you use around the house?

Good to know thanks

Thanks for the tips.


Thanks for the tips.

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