WATCH: How to perfectly hem your jeans at HOME!

How to hem your jeans and keep the original hemThis here little jean hemming trick is something that every woman who loves her jeans should to have up her sleeve.

How many times do you buy jeans that are not the perfect length for you? Like almost always right? Sure you could cut off the excess length and hem them like you would any other pair of pants, but jeans looks terrible without the original hem. You don't want to lose that, especially if you paid top dollar for designer jeans!

No worries, you don't have to take them to a tailor and plunk down another $20- $30 to get them hemmed, you can do it yourself at home.


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This video below shows you exactly how to keep the original hem of your jeans while still shortening them to your desired length. All you need are the jeans you want shortened, some straight pins, a ruler, scissors, dark blue thread and a sewing machine. And guess what? If you don't have a sewing machine, don't despair, you can follow the same instructions and simply hand sew instead of machine sew. It's going to take a little longer and use more of your own muscle to do it by hand, but it can be done and the finished results will still look fantastic.

Check it out!

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