I have no doubt that the inventor of Velcro is a multimillionaire many times over. And, in my opinion, not only does he deserves it, but housewives and all those who hate having a messy house should put him on an altar. This wonderful creation has become one of the main allies of those of us who can't bear to see loose cables, missing remote controls or even holes in the walls.

You have to see the many ways to take advantage of Velcro so that your house is always in top condition.


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Here are some ideas I've implemented in my own house, but the possibilities are endless. You just have to use your imagination. There are two things I love about Velcro:

1. It is installed with glue, so it won't leave marks if you change your mind.

2. It comes in various widths and "grip" capacities.

Here are some photos for you to get inspired.

Image via Smartdesk

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