7 Unexpected uses for toothbrushes at home

Every time I go to one of those shops for sophisticated home products, I laugh my head off at the great amount of brushes they have. Have you noticed that many of them resemble those we use to brush our teeth? What doesn't make me laugh at all are the prices.

The good news is that we don't have to pay them because with that talent for improvisation we Latinas have, we can turn an ordinary toothbrush into a first-hand tool to get rid of the worst filth, in the farthest places of our house.


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1. To clean the floor tiles. Is there anything more difficult to clean than the grout between tiles? One of those chlorines that come in gel form and a toothbrush are your perfect allies.

2. Make your faucets shine. For this both the brush and the toothpaste are useful, especially in those little cracks so thin that they are almost invisible

3. Get the grime out of the window frames. Spray your favorite cleanser and attack them with the brush.

4. Say goodbye to dust buildup in the filters. A good brushing and you'll have them for a while longer.

5. Breathe new life into your jewelry. Those with mounted stones will be cleaner after a light touch with the toothbrush.

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