magazine filesDon't you just love it when someone comes up with a simple, yet ingenious solution to a problem? A solution that is so basic, that you wonder how it didn't occur to you in the first place? That's where I am right now, in a state of awe and gratitude for the minds that came up with ways to use magazine files to organize your home. Brilliant, I tell you, especially since I've never been all that fond of keeping my magazines in a magazine file, anyway.

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You are going to love these five clever ways to use magazine files to organize your home AND I bet you will come up with a whole bunch of other uses for them, too. It's like a whole new magazine file world will be open to you!

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Hair-raising 1


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What? You mean my hair dryer, curling iron and flat iron don't have to be in a tangled mess under my bathroom sink.


Flippin' brilliant 2

Flippin' brilliant

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Whoever came up with this idea to store flip flops in magazine files is brilliant.


Find your clutch 3

Find your clutch

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You wouldn't be able to see all these clutches if you put them in a drawer. By putting these small handbags in a magazine rack you can see them all and keep them in your rotation.


GIft bag holder 4

GIft bag holder

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I might be one of those people who saves gift bags to reuse. Don't judge me. It's totally good for the environment. This is a great way to store my regifting goods.


Kitchen cleverness 5

Kitchen cleverness

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Attach magazine files to the inside of your kitchen cabinets and use them to store bags, foil, you name it.