diaper storage solutionsEverything is coming up babies lately. Not for me, but I have some lovely friends who have either just given birth or are gloriously pregnant. I'm so happy for them. It even makes me kind of sort of miss the whole diapers stage. Almost.

Diapers take up room, but there are great solutions on how to store them.

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Here are five clever diaper storage solutions just in case everything is coming up babies around you too.

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Tiered storage 1

Tiered storage

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I love this brilliant idea for tiered diapering necessities storage. It's simple and brilliant.


Wire mesh baskets 2

Wire mesh baskets

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Attaching mesh baskets to the wall for diaper storage is a great and affordable option.


Shower caddy 3

Shower caddy

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It NEVER would have occurred to me to use a shower caddy for diaper storage, but it's perfect.

Vanity case 4

Vanity case

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Upcycled diaper box 5

Upcycled diaper box

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This DIY diaper storage is clever because it is made out of an actual diaper box covered with scrapbook paper.