DIY shoe storage solutionsShoes, glorious shoes! Shoes, wonderful shoes! I love them. I do, I do. I know I'm not alone. Perhaps, you are a lover of shoes like I am. This shoe love affair creates a storage problem. I have many beautiful shoes, but only one pair of feet. I need places to store my shoes and my closet situation is not working out so well for my footwear. So what is a lover of shoes whose husband thinks she should just get rid of her collection do? She trolls the internet for clever shoe storage solutions and she shares her finds with you because shoe lovers need to stick together.

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Here are five brilliant DIY shoe storage solutions.

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Lazy Susan to the rescue! 1

Lazy Susan to the rescue!

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I literally had to rub my eyes when I saw this because it is simply beautiful to me. How brilliant is it to use a lazy susan for shoe storage? You can get instrutctions to make your own, if you are up for the challenge. I say, give it a whirl!


Hang 'em! 2

Hang 'em!

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Wait, what the what?! This is fantastic, you can hang your shoes on wire hangers that you customize yourself. Incredible!


Step up! 3

Step up!

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I never would have thought that heels and a ladder would go together, but they do. What a great way to store and display all of your gorgeous heels.

Pallet-able 4


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I love finding ways to reuse wooden pallets. Shoe storage is a great way to make use of pallets. Don't worry, pallets are good for storing all kinds of shoes, not just heels.


File them! 5

File them!

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Do you call them slippahs, flip flops or thongs? What ever you call them a great way to store them is by using magazine files.