make flowers lastI'm sure this Valentine's Day will be filled with chocolates, presents, and flowers your man so thoughtfully bought for you. We all love receiving flowers on the most romantic day of the year--or anytime for that matter--but what sucks is keeping them alive! 

If you're like me,then you've experienced that your flowers don't last more than a few days until they start wilting. The good news is there are little tricks out there to have them last longer!


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I like receiving flowers, but because their life span is so short, I prefer getting an Edible Arrangements delivery instead. That can get pricey, therefore I understand why men settle for a classic bouquet of flowers or roses. Keeping them alive takes more than just adding the preservative it comes with.

In fact, some items you already have at home can prolong their life expectancy. This way you'll get to enjoy them longer and have something nice to come home to!

Check out some of these tricks below!

Use clear soda: Pouring a quarter cup of clear soda to the bottom fo your vase will keep your flowers fresh. The sugar in the beverage can keep them flourishing longer. 

The power of vinegar: If your find your bouquet is without the preservative that normally comes with it, there's an easier solution. Mix one tablespoon of vinegar and half a teaspoon of sugar in warm water before arranging the flowers.

Bring the vodka: By adding a few drops of your favorite alcoholic beverage and half a teaspoon of sugar will keep bacteria from developing in the water that can feed off nutrients the flowers need.

Throw in some pennies: Add a penny and some sugar to your vase water to prevent bacteria from forming. The copper in pennies act like an acidifier which keeps flowers fresh.

Look for the bleach: This might sound crazy because bleach is a harsh chemical, but by adding a quarter teaspoon of it to water this will keep it clear and bacteria free.

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