I don't know about you, but there never seems to be enough space in my kitchen. I live on one floor of a two-family house, and since it's a rental, nothing is to my specifications. Of course, I understand that it's a part of being a renter, but at times it is so frustrating! Even more so now that I'm home with my son full-time and I have to prepare three meals a day. 

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But, I have discovered that there are a few neat little tricks that can help me utilize the space I do have, more efficiently. Check out some of these great space-saving ideas for both homeowners and renters:

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Clear Out Your Cabinets 1

Clear Out Your Cabinets

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Cabinet interiors are typically the messiest area of any kitchen. Create more space and get organized by building spice racks onto the back of your cabinet doors.


Hide Your Table 2

Hide Your Table

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Yes, I said hide your table. If you own, you can configure one of your cabinets so that a tabletop simply pulls out of it, and rolls back in when not in use. Renters, can purchase a table top that mounts to the wall and can be collapsed when not in use.


Ditch the Drainer 3

Ditch the Drainer

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You know what takes up a lot of space? That clunky dish rack. Ditch the old standby and go for one of these newfangled collapsible versions. They fit over your sink when in use, and collapse down to a fraction of the size for easy storage.

Organize Your Essentials 4

Organize Your Essentials

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I love the idea of keeping all of the items you use on a daily or multiple-times-a-day basis in a pretty tray on your counter. Everything is within arm's reach and looks nice and tidy.


Invest in Double-Duty Items 5

Items that serve double-duty are always great space-savers. Not only does this wall-mounted shelf hold both books and pots, but it also ensures that your cabinets and counters aren't cluttered up with either of these items.


Utilize the Walls 6

Finally, the absolute best way to make space in your kitchen is to use your walls. There are a ton of neat gadgets that mount to your walls to maximize storage without sacrificing space. From magnetic knife racks and utensil hooks, to wine racks and open shelves, there's a solution for almost every storage problem.