5 Cute DIY vases for all your Valentine's Day flowers

My hubby sweetly brings me flowers more often than I deserve and they are gorgeous. The bouquets are always beautiful and they always present me with the same conundrum: Where the heck am I supposed to put all these beautiful flowers? I don't particularly want to go out and spend big bucks on vases, so I get creative. I put them in a no longer used French press or anything else I can find in the kitchen. With Valentine's Day coming up, I'm anticipating some flowers and I think it might be time to go to my local thrift store and pick up some vases on the cheap and beautiful them myself.

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I've rounded up five beautiful DIY vase ideas that will be perfect for all those Valentine's Day flowers you'll be getting. Oh, and it is totally awesome if you buy yourself those flowers, too.

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Add Comment Have you ever made a DIY vase?




I've never made a DIY vase.


Cute!  I go nuts for flowers in the spring. 


Never have but my sister is having a spring theme graduation party so these are some neat ideas


No, I haven't I have seen some real cute one, but I am still thinking which one to do.. 


I painted one once but I am looking into glass etching to add designs to some plain vases I have at home.

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