If you can't afford a full on kitchen renovation, but are completely tired of looking at shabby countertops or you're utterly bored with your backsplash, you certainly don't have to sit back and accept your less than stellar surroundings. For less than $50, you can spruce up your kitchen, and make it a place you actually enjoy spending some time in. You may even have some fun completing these five simple do-it-yourself projects.

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So grab your notepad and your tool box and get ready to beautify your kitchen now.

Image via ana-white.com

Personalized Cabinets 1

If you have glass-fronted cabinets or even a hutch with open shelving, you can easily add some visual interest using heavy-duty printed wrapping paper. Depending on the paper you choose, this modern touch will cost you less than $10. Get instructions at TaterTotsandJello.com.


Painted Counters 2

Painted Counters

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You do not have to wait until your bank account is nicely padded to update your old, outddated countertops. There is actually a kit you can buy for just $35 that you can use to resurface old tile counters for a clean, fresh look. Get instructions at LiveLoveDIY.com.


New Faucet 3

New Faucet

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A cruddy old faucet isn't just an eyesore, but it could also be making your housework more difficult. These days, there are tons of beautiful faucets that allow you extra sink room for all your washing. Check out this tutorial on Buildipedia.com.

Embellished Backsplah 4

Jazz up your boring backsplash with fun, colorful and inexpensive decals. With just a few simple cuts, you can have achieve a brand-new look for your backsplash, that can be changed out on a whim. Get instructions at blog.spoonflower.com.


Handmade Island 5

Handmade Island

Image via ana-white.com

To craft this super-expensive looking kitchen island, you'll need just a bit of skill, but it would be almost impossible to spend less than $50 on a store-bought island with a solid wood butcher block top, so it's totally worth the effort. Plus, it takes less than a day to construct! Get instructions at ana-white.com.