child paintingI don't own a home. Never have. My entire adult life I've been living in rentals. One thing that I have discovered about rentals is that they suffer from beige. You know exactly what I mean, I'm sure. Landlords across the nation decorate rentals in shades of beige so as to make them "go" with everything. I do not love beige. I find it beyond boring, but when I'm living in a property owned by someone else, how the heck am I supposed to cure the space of beige without losing my deposit? It turns out it is pretty simple.

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Here, my dear, are five ways to make your rental beautiful without losing your deposit--or making your landlord mad.

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Rugs 1

Rugs, rugs, beautiful rugs like this one can transform a space like nobody's business and unlike carpet, when you move, you can take them with you.


Removable Wallpaper 2

Landlord won't let you paint or you don't want to deal with re-painting back to beige, off-white, or ecru when you move out? Use removable wallpaper instead. Instant personalized walls!


Plants 3

Beautify a plain space with living plants. They look good and they are great for the air you breath. I find this gorgeous hanging plant display quite inspirational.

Curtains 4

Did your rental come with standard-issue blinds. Okay, you may not be able to get rid of them, but you can beautiful your space by hanging curtains over your ugly blinds.


Painted Furniture 5

Just because you can't paint your walls doesn't mean you can't have fun with color. You can create beautiful painted furniture to liven up your living space.