6 Genius design-friendly hidden storage ideas for toys

My home doesn't have a basement or even a dedicated playroom, so my toddler's toys are usually scattered all over our apartment by the end of the day, which at first was quite overwhelming. Some time before his first birthday, we got tired of our living room looking like a toy store and we were forced to come up with a plan of action for getting it back under control. The first thing we did was purge--we stored away anything he was too old for and trashed anything that was broken or otherwise non-functioning. Then we designated storage areas for what remained.

For us, that means that one of the decorative baskets in our living room now belongs to our son, and between naps and overnight, everything goes in and it gets tucked away in its proper place. Anything that doesn't fit in that basket gets stored in his room at the end of the day and our living room is restored to its former glory.

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Below you'll find six toy storage ideas that will keep your home looking like a home rather than a 24/7  playland.

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I really like the bench storage.


i love the open basket storage idea.  Great look. 

These are some really good ideas for storage

love them and it looks so nice in home as part of decoration!


great ideas, I like the Under-Couch Drawers


I like the outdoor toy storage and under couch drawers

I like a few of them and I really need something for the jungle of toys at my house

Very nice ideas I liked the bench one and the under couch drawers.

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