Whether you're the type to jump on any opportunity to craft, or you're just on a tight budget this holiday season and need to find gift ideas that'll save you a buck, there are lots of fun, fabulous and thoughtful gifts that you can fashion for each member of your family. With a combination of thrifting and DIYing, you can save hundreds of dollars, and even create some family heirlooms in the process. 

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From your prima's new baby to your foodie little brother, here are eight DIY gifts you can get started on right now.

Image via theidearoom.net

Lego Table 1

Lego Table

Image via meetthedubiens.com


Whether you buy a set of Legos to go with it, or you just want to create an awesome space to use them, a table is a great idea. You can use a thrifted end table or buy a cheap one from a discount furniture store, whip out your hot glue gun and perhaps include a basket to store the Legos in, and you've got an incredible gift for any little kid.


Envelope Laptop Case 2

Envelope Laptop Case

Image via ispydiy.com

I can hardly believe this super chic laptop case involves no sewing at all. It's the perfect gift for a student or a young professional, or even to accompany a new laptop. And don't be fooled by the cute chevron pattern--simply switch out the fabric to something more masculine and it'll make a great gift for a guy too.


Play Kitchen 3

If you're the handy sort, making a DIY play kitchen could save you well over $100. Seriously, I've seen play kitchens that cost more than $200. Using a few thrift shop or garage sale items and your power tools, you can make a completely customized version for the littlest chef in your life.

Peppermint Sugar Scrub 4

Peppermint Sugar Scrub

Image via theidearoom.net

Every lady from your teenage cousin to your abuela will appreciate a jar of hand-crafted exfoliating body scrub. Make a big batch of this pretty-in-pink peppermint sugar scrub, and you can cover every woman on your gift list in one fell swoop.


Family Recipe Book 5

Family Recipe Book

Image via the36thavenue.com

Making a family recipe book will cost you a lot more in time, than in money, but it's sure to be a gift the recipient treasures for a lifetime. The version shown here can be made for $5 or less, and will allow you to handwrite your family's most valued recipes, and is sure to be passed down through the generations.


Homemade Vanilla Extract 6

Homemade Vanilla Extract

Image via browneyedbaker.com

Homemade vanilla extract is another DIY gift that you can make in a big batch and gift to each of the bakers on your list. It's also a good one for "secret Santa" and co-worker gifts--it's thoughtful and festive, but won't take a lot of time or money.


Socktopus 7

You can make a sweet DIY socktopus for the newest member of your family without having to sew a single stitch. The design of these adorable plush "socktopi" is completely up to you (and the sock selection at your local box store). One of these little guys would make a perfect lovey for a new baby!

Puerto Rican Coquito 8

Puerto Rican Coquito

Image via www.goya.com

Being Puerto Rican, I simply cannot leave coquito off the list--it's not Christmas without a few bottles of this rum-and-coconut libation floating around the tree. Our version of eggnog (only way, way better) makes a perfect hostess gift. My family's recipe is similar to this one, but we go a bit more traditional and add in some egg yolks.