616 lb mom feels sexy in her body, but it's not worth her health

I don't think anyone has the right to be cruel to anyone because of something like weight. It's ridiculous and unacceptable. Abuse is abuse and if you think shaming and demeaning someone because of their weight isn't abuse, you should think again. Christina Paez from Medford, Oregon, who weighs 616 pounds has been dealing with verbal abuse and shunning ever since she was a child. Recently though, she has found a way to embrace her size, feel beautiful because of it, and make money off it.


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From what I can gather, Paez has had weight issues for a very long time, but they became exascerbated when the 39-year-old mother lost her daughter Mirabella due to complications in labor. That's when she struggled with depression and her weight skyrocketed.

Now, the single mother of three living children who became not only reclussive but unable to do the things like cook or go to the bathroom by herself has discovered the world of BBW (big beautiful women) and their admirers. She is building up a library of 500 pictures to offer on her own pay-per-view website.

I can imagine that after a lifetime of being judged for her size, finding a community that not only embraces her, but makes her feel beautiful must feel amazing and I would be all for it, but now she says she never plans on losing weight and I just can't support that.

She has three children who have to care for her because she can't care for herself. She receives disablility payments because for her size. If she can't move or perform simple tasks because of her weight, it can't possibly be healthy.

I really hope that Paez develops a sense of self-esteem that isn't tied to her weight and how she is viewed because of it. I hope she develops a sense of love for herself and her well-being so that she strives to be healthier. No, I don't think she should lose weight to be skinny, I think she should lose weight to be healthy. She doesn't have to be skinny to be healthy.

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