There's a new hands-free iron I can't wait to get my hands on

Can I just tell you that my mother drives me crazy when she asks after I'm already dressed, "Are you goint to iron that?" I want to scream, "No, I'm not going to iron it. I HATE ironing!" Instead I shrug my shoulders and go about my business. Sure I own an iron, but it is a hassle and I don't want to deal with it. I tell myself that people will think that my clothes got wrinkled after I put them on, but I know I'm not fooling anyone, I know that everyone knows I just can't be bothered to iron. Thanks to German engineering I may be able to get away with never ironing again and still having wrinkle free clothing. A German firm has created the world's first hands-free iron!


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So what is this contraption called? It's called a Tubie. It's kind of weird looking, a tad on the bulky side, and costs about 30 times more than a regular iron, but I don't care, I want one anyway.

Basically, you put your clothes on over these tube things that inflate with hot air and blow the wrinkles off your duds. There is some clipping involved, which I think could be streamlined, but whatever, it still beats lugging out the ironing board and iron, ironing the clothes, waiting for the iron to cool down before you can put it away, and wrestling the ironing board back into submission and outting it away.

Check out the Tubie in action.

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