Organize your out-of-control medicine cabinet with this genius DIY trick

Where do you keep your medicine? I hope you don't keep it in the bathroom because that really is not a good place for it. According to MedLine Plus, bathrooms are one of the worst places to store your medicine because, "Bathroom cabinets tend to be warm and humid, an environment that speeds up a drug's breakdown process." Somehow I've always known that, so I store medicine in a cabinet in the kitchen. Really, it's just a shelf in one of the cabinets in the kitchen and for as long as I can remember it has been a mess of bottles and packets. I always have to dig around for what I'm looking for. Well, I finally decided to do something about it and it is so much better. I am so pleased with the difference. I turned my messy medicine cabinet into an organized wellness center.


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I started off by pulling EVERYTHING out and going through every single medication. I got rid of anything that was no longer needed or had expired. Amazing how much there was to get rid of. It's like my wellness cabinet had become the place where medicine went to die. Once the clutter was gone, I wanted to find a way to organize what was left in a way that was easy to get to and wouldn't require constant digging around.

My solution came under the guise of a lazy susan. I put the medicine we use on a regular basis on top of a lazy susan that fits neatly into the cabinet and now all I have to do to cure what ails me is spin that baby around until I find the right medicine.

So simple, so easy, and so useful.

Image via Claudya Martinez

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