Cameron Diaz paired up with interior designer Kelly Wearstler to revamp the interior of her 2,400 square foot West Village, NYC apartment. The results are of course glam and the 41-year-old actress says that inhabiting the apartment is now  "a bit like living in a silk-lined jewelry box." Sa-WEET and thanks to a tour she gave to Elle Decor for their October issue, we all get to take a virtual tour of Cameron's sweet digs.

Congratulations to Diaz and Wearstler for creating a gorgeous living space that is deemed worthy of making the cover of the home decor bible that is Elle Decor.

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Diaz and Wearstler came up with special details that many of us can only dream of, like drawers lined in raw black silk. Sheesh, I don't even own silk chonies. Diaz is partial to things that glitter and said, "I blame my love of sparkly, shiny things on my Cuban roots."

Well, whatcha waitin' for, get your clicky finger ready and check out the Diaz Digs!

Images via Getty Images, Elle Decor

Chillaxin' 1


Image via Elle Decor

Diaz and Wearstler just chillaxin' in the West Village apartment they redecortated.


Living room 2

Living room

Image via Elle Decor

Check out this living room! I'd love to curl up with a book on that sofa.


Más living roon 3

Más living roon

Image via Elle Decor

Another view of the living room because you have to see that there is a fireplace.

Master bedroom 4

Master bedroom

Image via Elle Decor

The master bedroom where Ms. Diaz can rest her weary bones after a long day of being fabulous.


Guest bedroom 5

Guest bedroom

Image via Elle Decor

This is where lucky guests get to sleep. I have to say, I might like it better than the master bedroom.


Master bathroom 6

Master bathroom

Image via Elle Decor

Holy cosmetics storage space! Look at all those drawers.