I'm a total sucker for a good DIY project, especially one that is both budget-friendly and a cinch to complete. So needless to say, I always have a few on my long-term to-do list, including everything from little home decor items that I can use in my current apartment to bigger projects I'm planning for when we eventually buy a house.

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Check out the slideshow below for my top five affordable home projects, most of which can be created with found objects and a quick trip to the craft or hardware store.

Image via designstocker.blogspot.com

No-Sew Shade 1

No-Sew Shade

Image via inmyownstyle.com

All you need for this family-friendly project is a yard of pretty fabric a tube of fabric glue and a few household items to create this no-sew window treatment. Curtains are expensive--even at big box stores--and as long as you are capable of glueing and hanging this project will save you tons.


Concrete Counters 2

These DIY concrete countertops are the perfect option for new homeowners looking to remodel an outdated kitchen without breaking the bank. It's almost shocking how chic and modern they look.


TV Frame 3

If you have any interest at all in home decorating, you probably know how cost-prohibitive Pottery Barn is. Luckily, you can replicate a lot of the items they sell at a fraction of the cost, including this super-modern TV frame. Instead of spending upwards of $500, you can do it yourself for less than $50.

No-Sew Pillow Cover 4

If you can fold a napkin and tie a knot, you can make yourself some custom throw pillow covers, and considering how expensive new accent pillows can be, you'll most likely want to when you see just how easy it is. You may even be able to use scrap fabric from your window treatment project.


Mason Jar Soap Dispenser 5

Yay! You officially have an excuse to break out the power tools. This adorable mason jar soap dispenser looks like something you would buy in a cutesy boutique, but you likely everything you need to craft one in your house right this minute. Go find that drill and get to work!