I never really think of myself as being particularly green until others like my mother point it out to me. The reason I don't think of myself as being greener than the next person is that just about everything that I do that is eco-friendly takes very little effort on my part.

Despite what you may have heard or what you may think, it's easy being green. Being green isn't just for those who have tons of time or money to spare. It is for all of us and in the end it benefits us all because we all live on the same planet.


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Please do not feel overwhelmed by the effort of being eco-friendly or eco-conscious. Greening your lifestyle doesn't mean you have to be perfect. Perfection is not the point. The point is that every little effort makes a difference.

Here are some basic ways to do some green-good in your everyday life that are easy to implement and do so much good.

  • Use reusable water bottles and coffee cups. You can easily cut down on the use of plastic bottles and paper cups by carrying your own water bottle and your own insulated coffee mug. Some coffee shops even give discounts for bringing your own mug.

  • Carry reusable bags. I always have a reusable bag in my purse that way if I go to the store, I don't have to take a plastic bag or paper bag. I live in an area where you have to pay 10 cents per bag at the store. I don't mind because it is an added incentive to remember to bring reusable bags whenever I shop.

  • Use cloth napkins. I am a terrible waster of paper towels. It is one area where I can always stand to improve. My friend recently gifted me with cloth napkins and I love them. Not only do they take the place of paper towels or napkins at meals, they also make every meal feel special.

  • Clean with rags or microfiber cloths. Another way to reduce the use of paper towels is by using rags or microfiber cloths to clean and polish items in your home. When you are done cleaning, you can throw them in the wash and they will be ready to clean another day.

Told you, easy does it. Here are five ways you can easily and inexpensively green clean your home. Do what you can for the planet and save some money while doing it.

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