Being a young mom on a young mom budget, I had to think outside of the box when it came to decorating my little one's nursery, so I spent the latter half of my pregnancy constructing adorable items to outfit his room. But I also don't love spending days upon days completing a project, so I did my research and settled on undertakings that could be created in just a few short or hours--or even less. Here are five quick and easy DIY projects to tackle soon: 

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Add Comment Did you do or plan on doing any DIY projects for your baby's nursery?

5 Quick & easy DIY projects for your baby's nursery

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No-Sew Crib Skirt

The idea of shelling out $40 to 50 for a piece of fabric that grazes the floor just does not sit well with me, so I decided to make my own crib skirt. I don't have a sewing machine, so I used this no-sew tutorial from After shopping around at a few fabric shops, it dawned on me that I could just cut up any inexpensive bed sheet. I ended up doing the whole project for $11 and in under an hour.

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Add Comment Did you do or plan on doing any DIY projects for your baby's nursery?

Very neat ideas

No I didn't do much DIY besides painting the room and hanging pics.

I want to do the wall where Olivia's desk is at with the chalkboard paint.


I didn't do any DIY projects.

The only DIY I did was hang up a border on the wall. These are good ideas, I like the easy crib skirt another thing to use an inexpensive sheet is to make curtains out of it.
I only made my sons name with ribbons And wooden letters. I plan to be more crafty next time

I love the chalkboard wall!!!


awesome I'll share this with my cousin who is due in August


I want to do the chalkwall board!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I only painted the room and made a few pictures

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