6 Genius ways to make your groceries last longer

When it comes to grocery shopping every week, I am one of those people that tends to overdo it just a little bit. I should really know better but once in a blue I will go and buy way too much produce and then I end up with things that go bad before I can actually eat them. So what's a girl to do? Well, after reading an article on Buzzfeed, I found out that there are 6 genius ways to make your groceries last longer. And, let me tell you, I am REALLY happy about it! If you're anything like me (and even if you're not), we can all learn a little bit from these tips. Check them out!

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Add Comment What is your favorite trick to make groceries last longer?
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Add Comment What is your favorite trick to make groceries last longer?

Cool I didn't know some of those

I stored green onions in regular plastic containers in the freezer and that trick really works, I didn't know about the other ones, very interesting.


Thanks for the tips!


I really like the tip about the bananas.

Great tips. I know one way to make veggies last is to keep them in the freezer.
These are all great tips! I'll be sure to try these. That onion trick in pantyhose is interesting.
I tried the banana trick and it did not work they still went bad quickly.
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