The 10 most useless kitchen gadgets EVER!

I have a very well-stocked kitchen. I mean, it makes sense. I love to cook so, of course, I take very good care of my kitchen. I am always on the lookout for things that will make my cooking process easier and, even better, I am constantly getting little gifts of trinkets from my mother, who also knows of my love for cooking.

The one thing that drives me crazy, though, is finding products that are just silly, stupid and all-around useless for the kitchen. That is how I slowly came across these 10 most useless kitchen gadgets EVER. Although I'm sure these seemed like a good idea to whoever invented them, I think they're just a huge, huge waste of money. Take a look and, remember, do NOT buy any of these! They're just dumb.

Add Comment Which of these kitchen gadgets do you think is the worst?
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Add Comment Which of these kitchen gadgets do you think is the worst?

I need the cookie supper

I have the onion goggles and they are not useless.  After years of trying not to cry from onions those are the only ones that help.


I realized that these are just gadgets, people get them out of trying them or curiosity...some of them are not that useless. I don't own it but I actually like the hot dog one.


The cookie dipper is goofy and so is the jalapeno rack.

These are all kinda funny to me. I wouldn't need or use any of them.
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