5 Practical tips to make your bedroom sexier

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, one of the things on my mind lately is how to make the mood actually last year-round and, to be honest, I think it all starts in the bedroom!

The first step to having a better sex life is making sure that your bedroom is sex-friendly. But it's not just about having satin sheets and red walls! These are our 5 practical mami-approved tips to make the bedroom sexier and make sure that you're able to get it in more frequently without doing anything that's too difficult or too sleazy. Now, let's get it on!


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1. Don't allow kid's toys to clutter: This is the #1 rule if you want to have a good sex with your hubby: don't leave kid's toys all over the room! Nothing is worse when trying to get in the mood than seeing your daughter's stuffed animal or your son's toy trucks all over the bedroom. Keep these out and you're sure to be able to get a little action.

2. Have clean sheets at all times: Some people may tell you to get satin sheets in order to make the bedroom sexier, but I think that is a BIG mistake. They are slippery (not good for when you're, ahem, in the middle of things) and honestly will make you feel more like a cheesy porn star than the sexy mami that you are. Instead, opt for a high cotton count and change your sheets often. Hopping into a clean bed will make you feel GOOD and that can only translate into an even better feeling when your man joins you.

3. Set a soft light with plenty of candles: A good way to set the mood is to have some sexy lighting around. Personally, I always feel like overhead lights and lamps just blow up the most unflattering details of my body. There's a reason why a room full of candles is a sex cliché: because it really DOES work! Consider having a few candles placed around the room and lighting them right as you're about to get busy. Trust me, it'll make you look great.

4. Invest in a really nice, cozy rug: This advice is similar to the clean sheets and, well, has a similar implication. You never know how your bedroom romp will go and sometimes it's fun to get down and dirty on the floor. But, come on, nobody wants a cold bum from hardwood or tile! Instead, having a nice rug might actually help you get a little frisky in an unusual place. Plus, any bedroom position that requires your man to stand on his feel will feel SO much more comfortable with a soft rug under his toes!

5. A good, safe lock on the door: Look, it's hard enough to find time to cozy up to your man while you're parents without the even more uncomfortable scenario of one of them walking in on your mid-booty. The only way you'll be able to relax enough to reach the Big O is if you have a really good lock on the door and make sure to use it the minute that things start to heat up. You'll get peace of mind AND save your kids an awfully traumatizing experience.

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