DIY: Make an adorable tablecloth play tent for the kids!

Every kid loves to build a fort, don't they? It's definitely one of the biggest pleasures in life to be young and building yourself a new little house. I have very fond memories of doing this and I think it's even fun when parents join in. I mean, why not? Let's join in on the fun!

Even better than joining on your kid's fun, though, is helping them to make their fort-building even better. This is what I was thinking about when I came across this genius DIY project that teaches you how to make an adorable tablecloth play tent. It's simple and I am better that your kids will absolutely LOVE it! Let's try.


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I was completely amazed by frugal blogger Kate, the voice behind Centsational Girl, a mother of three and an "incurable DIYer", when she revealed her super-easy steps to making this craft creation. She did it one day when her kids were out of school (a holiday, of course) and discovered just how fun it can be to take this tablecloth out and let them play!

And honestly, how can you not love this super-easy idea? Personally, I'd rather just put this cute tablecloth over my dining room table than have to deal with the kids taking cushions off the couch and then having to put them back up. That's how we did it back in my day, anyway, and it never looked as fancy as this tablecloth fort.

Excited to build your own? Just follow Kate's DIY instructions on Centsational Girl and your kids will be playing in this absolutely fabulous tablecloth in no time!

Image via Centsational Girl

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