3 Easy tips to get rid of stinky smells in the kitchen

My house currently looks like there has been a full-on African mammals stampede through it. I don't know if I'm just an inherently messy person or whether it's because this year's holiday parties meant more and more people gathering, and subsequently making a mess, in my house. Well, after all of the post-holiday cleaning has been done and the house is sparkling like a brand new car, sometimes there's still a bit of a stinky smell that lingers in your kitchen. So what do you do about it? Find out here!


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1. Keep something that smells good on top of the fridge: According to Bruce Lubin, author of Who Knew? in Huffington Post's "Remove Odors from the Kitchen in Minutes", you should "keep a few washed charcoal briquettes in a shallow dish on top of the refrigerator." Personally, I also like to mask those (because they're kind of ugly) behind a vase with fresh flowers.

2. Use that cafecito to make the inside of your fridge smell good: This one was REALLY surprising to me because I never in a million years would have thought that there's a genius way to use my morning cup to get rid of the stink, but Bruce writes that "to eliminate refrigerator odors, leave a small cup of fresh coffee grounds on two shelves." See? It's simple and GREAT!

3. Make your home smell amazing with a favorite Latin ingredient: You know what the key to making every room, including the kitchen, smell like a million bucks? "Deep-fry a small amount of cinnamon to chase all odors from your home," says Bruce. Luckily I have plenty of cinnamon leftover from all kinds of baking during the Holidays, so I am WELL prepared to tackle this tip.

Well, didn't I tell you that making your post-holidays home stop stinking is easier than it sounds? I'm definitely going to try all of these tips when I get to cleaning ASAP.

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