Can you believe it?! Wow, 2013 is JUST around the corner! Now that Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas are over, and the world didn't end (duh!), all I can think about is how I'm going to ring in this next year.

I don't know about you, but I've always been a big fan of throwing a little shindig with friends and family to celebrate the ending of one year and beginning of another, full of promise and possibilities. And when it comes to decorating for my party this year, I can't think of a better way to ring in 2013 than with these 13 easy DIY decorations that will thrill absolutely ALL of your party guests. Check them out!

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Moon Piñata 1

Moon Piñata

Image via Oh Happy Day

Could this POSSIBLY be any cuter?! Who wouldn't absolutely love a moon-shaped piñata to ring in a new year? I'm absolutely loving this one SO much.

Get the full DIY instructions from Oh Happy Day.


Party Hats 2

Party Hats

Image via Studio DIY

No party would be complete without some fabulous party hats to wear, right? I think it would be even better if you made your own cute and festive versions, just like this one!

Get the full DIY instructions from Studio DIY.


Painted Shot Glass 3

Painted Shot Glass

Image via BuzzFeed

Say HELLO to the easiest thing you could possibly do, especially if your family is the sitting-their-tequila kind: get some metallic paint markers and decorate some shot glasses!

Get the full DIY instructions from Hannah & Harper.

Glitter Bottle 4

Glitter Bottle

Image via Little Miss 312

If by some chance you're actually going to someone else's party, then why not bring them a fabulous hostess gift of your favorite bottle of wine (or tequila) covered in festive glitter? Oh, yes!

Get the full DIY instructions from Little Miss 312.


Glitter Empanadas 5

Glitter Empanadas

Image via BuzzFeed

Your party snacks can go a long way with some edible glitter and an egg wash. That's all you really need to make your empanadas sparkle with the hope of 2013.

Get the full DIY instructions from Cake Appreciation Society.


Party Streamers 6

Here's one that even the kids can help with (even if they're not invited to the drinking part of the party): make adorable party streamers out of leftover ribbons from Christmas gift wrapping!

Get the full DIY instructions from DIY Projects for Kids.


Lace Lightbulbs 7

If you happen to have some spare lightbulbs (or don't mind getting some), making them look like they're adorned in elegant lace only takes some spray paint and a doily. Simple!

Get the full DIY instructions from A Bit of Bees Knees.

Giant Confetti Wall 8

Giant Confetti Wall

Image via Wee Birdy

This seems like one of the best ways that you can brighten up just about any room for your New Year's Eve party. I  mean, all you need is colorful cutouts and you're good to go!

Get the full DIY instructions from Wee Birdy.


Gold-Dipped Feathers 9

Gold-Dipped Feathers

Image via Ryan + Michelle

Why would you need gold-dipped feathers? Well, why wouldn't you?! They're beautiful and would look gorgeous lying around some tables or even in a vase all together.

Get the full DIY instructions from Ryan + Michelle.

Cake Toppers 10

Cake Toppers

Image via Say Yes To Hoboken

One of the best things about these adorable pipe cleaner cake (and cupcake) toppers is that they're not only easy but multi-use, too: try sticking them in a straw as drink stirrers!

Get the full DIY instructions from Say Yes to Hoboken.


Origamy Stars 11

Origamy Stars

Image via Minna May

Making origami has ALWAYS intimidated me, I admit. There are just so many steps! Luckily, that's absolutely NOT the case in these cute origami stars that are simply made out of ribbons.

Get the full DIY instructions from Minna May.

Pasta Garland 12

Pasta Garland

Image via The Gold Jellybean

How adorable are these?! I bet you can even use some edible glitter and then take them apart and eat them... or not! This easy garland is sure to impress everyone at your party.

Get the full DIY instructions from The Gold Jellybean.


Colorful Chandelier 13

Colorful Chandelier

Image via One Charming Party

You know the only thing better than buying a really nice, expensive chandelier for your living room? Making this cheap, colorful version to hang up at any festive party!

Get the full DIY instructions from One Charming Party.