Learn how to use a knife & make cooking so much easier! (VIDEO)

Do you know that you're probably using your knife all wrong? I hate to be the bearer of bad news but, until I took my first cooking class this past summer, I have been chopping things incorrectly for the past 20-some years ever since my mami first started to teach me how to cook.

Well, luckily for us, Chef Melinda Casady, a co-founder of Portland's Culinary Workshop, has just come out with a FANTASTIC video that is going to teach all of us how to use a knife properly in order to make cooking SO much easier. Her technique is amazing and, well, I've definitely learned a ton!


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1. Hold it tightly in the front: One of the major things that I noticed in the video is her grip on the knife. She explains early on that, in order to have better control, you have to hold your knife closer to where the handle and the blade meet. It can feel awkward at first but trust me when I say it will make handling your knife MUCH, much easier.

2. Rock it forward & pull it back: This is the official technique for making knife cutting easier. Most people (myself included) learn by pushing the knife forward but, as Chef Melinda demonstrates, the easier way to do it is by rocking your knife and pulling it back. This one will take you some time to get used to but, after you practice, it makes things much faster.

3. How to easily cut an orange:  Although she gives a few demonstrations for how to best cut a fruit or vegetable (including an EASY primer on how to cut a bell pepper, which I loved!), my favorite is her demonstrated the easiest way to cut an orange. From the peeling to the sectioning off (in a method called "supreming"), she makes me want to enjoy an orange a day.

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