Happy Christmas Card Day!

That's right, there's pretty much a day for everything but I think this one is particularly special because making Christmas cards with your kids can be one of the most fun holiday traditions ever.

Homemade Christmas cards are great because they're easy, cheap and, most of all, give your holiday a special touch. Plus, making them with your children is a nice way to bond AND have a good time this weekend. So, get out your crafting supplies (or go get some, since these are EASY) and spend some time making one (or all!) of these 5 easy DIY Christmas cards with the kids.

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Reindeer Thumbprint Card 1

Reindeer Thumbprint Card

This card is just ADORABLE! The cool thing is that you can use thumbprints to illustrate your whole family and send the cute cards to everyone you know. Awww!

Get the full DIY instructions from Meet the Dubiens.


Peek-a-Christmas Tree Card 2

Peek-a-Christmas Tree Card

This super-cool card looks impressive but is actually much easier to make that you would think! Try it with all kinds of colorful glitter for an evening of fun.

Get the full DIY instructions from Style at Home.



Over the Snowman Card 3

Over the Snowman Card

I've never seen a card take this very interesting approach to the tried-and-true snowman. It's a super cute new look and I bet the kids will enjoy crafting this one, too.

Get the full DIY instructions from Mrs. Knight's Smartest Artists.

Santa Handprint Christmas Card 4

Santa Handprint Christmas Card

If you've got a little bit of an older kid, then this upside-down handprint card may be perfect for you. Make it look just like Santa Claus with this fantastic homemade card.

Get the full DIY instructions from Easy Preschool Craft.


Yarn Christmas Tree Card 5

Yarn Christmas Tree Card

I know this one's another Christmas tree card but it couldn't be more different! I love this one because of the classic colors, the simplicity and how much fun you'll have.

Get the full DIY instructions from Learning Ideas.