I love cooking and there are 10 essential kitchen tools that I just can't live without, but lately I've started to discover new, amazing tools that get the job done even easier. Surprisingly enough, these are all kitchen tools used by professional chefs in restaurants. However, they're all SO easy that I think we all need to have these in our home kitchens, too!

Thanks to the handy advice from Top Chef All-Stars winner Richard Blais in TheDailyMeal.com's "Restaurant Gadgets You Can Easily Use at Home", my kitchen is now a MUCH happier place. Don't you want the same for yours? Check out our list of the 4 professional kitchen tools that you can easily use at home--and begin to enjoy cooking even more!

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Flexipan Molds 1

Flexipan Molds

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The beauty of the flexipad mold is one that I am absolutely ADDICTED to. I discovered these a few years ago and the great thing about them is that you don't need to coat them in oil. Instead, you can simply use them to bake up your favorite muffins, cupcakes or cakes--and then just pop them out!


Heat Resistant Oven Mitt 2

Heat Resistant Oven Mitt

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To be honest, I do one of the worst things that you can when it comes to baking: I simply end up using my kitchen towels! But that's definitely a big no-no, especially when it comes to baking up those Holiday cookies. Instead, opt for a high-quality oven mitt can can resist the heat. Plus, you can find some REALLY cute ones out there!


Squeeze Bottles 3

Squeeze Bottles

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I know you might already have these squeeze bottles for ketchup and mustard but there are even BETTER ways to use them, just like chefs in restaurants do. Put sour cream, salad dressing or your liquid garnish into them and you'll be creating pretty (and easy!) plates in no time. It's definitely a MUCH easier way to top your tacos!

Silicone Non-stick Sheets 4

Silicone Non-stick Sheets

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These are a completely new discovery for me and, I have to tell you, I've completely fallen in love. Professional chefs love these beauties because they're basically reusable cookie sheets. Whether you're making traditional Latino cookies or Cuban merengues, they're a much better option than constantly going through parchment paper.