With Christmas just around the corner, I'm starting to seriously think about what I'd like to give as gifts to my family and friends. Typically, I would just search the stores until I find the perfect thing for each person. But then I realized that there's something even more special that I can get my loved ones: a special straight-from-the-heart gift.

That's why this year I've decided to make my OWN holiday gifts. The best part is that I found that do-it-yourself holiday gifts are much easier than you can imagine. With our guide to the 20 most amazing DIY holiday gifts for the whole family, you'll be able to find someone for everyone—whether it's your abuelita who wants to grow her own cilantro, your daughter who wants some new bangles, your hubby who's eyeing a new laptop sleeve, your friend who's addicted to Mexican hot chocolate or anyone else who loves to play, exercise, cook, look stylish, entertain and even those what-could-I-possible-get-them relatives.

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Mexican Hot Chocolate Mix 1

I bet we ALL know somebody that's obsessed with Mexican hot chocolate (yes, I'm talking about myself here!), so why not give them a homemade mix that you've made yourself? It's easy and DELICIOUS! Maybe they'll even share a hot cup next time you come over?

Get the full DIY instructions from Munchin with Munchkins.


Confetti Bomb Bottle Wrapper 2

Confetti Bomb Bottle Wrapper

Image via Etsy

If you want to keep things REALLY easy, then why not give someone a bottle of wine, tequila, or rum for the holidays? The trick is to make this super-creative glittery wrapper to go along with it!

Find the full DIY instructions from Etsy.com.


Vanilla-Cinnamon Brown Sugar Body Scrub 3

This is a tailor-made gift for all of the abuelitas in the house. Okay, so maybe you can make this for ANYONE because who doesn't love a luxurious at-home spa treatment? Make this body scrub and they'll be thanking you all year!

Get the full DIY instructions from Crowsfeet Cupcakes and Cellulite.

Yoga mat bag 4

Yoga mat bag

Image via Fit Sugar

Okay, how GENIUS is this idea?! If you know someone who already loves yoga (or is wanting to learn yoga), why not make them their own yoga mat carrying bag out of old jeans? Seriously, this is just the best. I can't WAIT to try this!

Get the full DIY instructions from Fit Sugar.


Cilantro Herb Gift Basket 5

Cilantro Herb Gift Basket

Image via Thinkstock

This fun gift basket is a great gift for the home cook or novice gardener in your family. Follow the easy instructions, below, and grow some herbs to share with your loved ones in their very own cute basket!

Get the full DIY instructions from HowStuffWorks.com.


Manly Laptop Sleeve 6

Manly Laptop Sleeve

Image via Prudent Baby

This gift is absolutely perfect for your man. Using his favorite fabric (or your favorite fabric that you think represents him best), you can make this really nice-looking homemade laptop sleeve. Sweet AND a great utility! It's a winner for sure.

Get the full DIY instructions from Prudent Baby.


Cactus Garden in a Jar 7

Cactus Garden in a Jar

Image via Apartment Therapy

My mom always had me keep a mini cactus garden when I started living on my own, because she felt that a little green went a long way to spruce up a small apartment. Well, I fully agree with her now and, even better, I think that these cute cactus-in-a-jar are just a great gift for anyone's home.

Get the full DIY instructions from Apartment Therapy.

Pac Man Corkboard 8

Pac Man Corkboard

Image via Instructables


This is a great little gift for the boys in your life. Take a classic video game character and make it into these super-awesome corkboards. It's much simpler than you'd even imagine and it makes a really cool room and desk decoration.

Get the full DIY instructions from Instructables.com.


Homemade Dulce de Leche 9

Homemade Dulce de Leche

Image via bochalla/flickr

I simply LOVE dulce de leche and, even better, I love making it. It takes a little while but nothing tastes better than homemade. Show your family how much you love them by making each of them their own littel jar of this classic sweet Latino treat. Yum!

Get the full DIY instructions from The Kitchn.

Stylish Utility Cord Bracelet 10

Stylish Utility Cord Bracelet

Image via Learn Vest

I kid you not, my mouth actually dropped open when I realized that this gorgeous bright-blue-and-gold bracelet was actually made out of utility cord. Wait, SERIOUSLY? I have to keep looking at it cause my eyes can barely believe that this beauty is so simple to make yourself--and gift it to a lucky lady!

Get the full DIY instructions from Blog A La Cart.


Custom Chalkboard Wine Glasses 11

I absolutely LOVE this idea from one of my favorite food and entertaining bloggers, Alejandra Ramos of Always Order Dessert. It's easy to make customizeable wine glasses that your guests and their guests can use to write their own names or other fun holiday-inspired comments.

Get the full DIY instructions from Always Order Dessert.

DIY iPhone Arm Band 12

DIY iPhone Arm Band

Image via William Hook/flickr

Have a runner in your life and not sure what to get them? I mean, new sneakers won't really work. Instead, why not make them their very own snazzy iPhone arm band? Man or woman, they're sure to love it--and actually use it all the time!

Get the full DIY instructions from eHow.com.


Super Hot Sauce 13

Super Hot Sauce

Image via Chow

For the spicy-food lover in your life, there's simply nothing better than this custom-made hot sauce in its own cute little bottles. Plus, you can make a bunch of these and give them to just about anyone who you think would love it!

Get the full DIY instructions from Chow.com.

Lil' Mister Bow Ties 14

Lil' Mister Bow Ties

Image via Delia Creates

Okay, these adorable little bowties for young boys are just TOO CUTE for me to handle. In fact, I already know the exact friend who's going to get these. Her baby boy is maybe a bit too young for these right now, but it's my excuse because I simply HAVE to make these ASAP.

Get the full DIY instructions from Delia Creates.


Candied Grapefruit Peels 15

Candied Grapefruit Peels

Image via Smitten Kitten

If you're a fan of bitter fruits (I know I am), then these are just great. Well, actually, you should probably make them for that special someone that loves grapefruit cause the spirit of the Holiday Season is all about giving, right? Honestly, though, I might have to make a batch of these for myself, too...

Get the full DIY instructions from Smitten Kitchen.

Canning Jar Soap Dispenser 16

Canning Jar Soap Dispenser

Image via Blissfully Content

What a simple, lovely gift that would be perfect for just about anyone. I would especially want to give this one to someone who just moved into their first home.It's simple, classy, and--best of all--as easy as can be.

Get the full DIY instructions from Blissfully Content.


DIY S'mores Kit 17

DIY S'mores Kit

Image via Women Living Well

For the kids (or the kids-at-heart) in your family, why not make them this really adorable S'mores kit? In fact, the nice part of this gift is that you might be lucky enough to enjoy it yourself with your family. Or, you know, sneak a bite as you're preparing these.

Get the full DIY instructions from Twig & Thistle.

Girly Button Rings 18

Girly Button Rings

Image via Meet the Dubiens

Do you have a tween girl in your life? I sure hope so, because these button rings are just too adorable to not make. Get crafty with some colorful accessories and make these really easy, lovely homemade gifts today.

Get the full DIY instructions from Meet the Dubiens.


Candy Cane Play-Dough 19

What kid doesn't love playing with play-dough? I know I always did. But I never knew how easy (or how pretty!) it was to make. Try this and give it to the children in your life in little mason jars as stocking stuffers. That'll just be perfect.

Get the full DIY insstructions from Little Pink Monster.

Cute Fabric Envelope 20

Be honest: sometimes there's somebody in your family who you just don't know how to shop for. Instead, you decide that giving them money is the best way to go. That's fine! I just urge you to make this adorable envelope so that you can hand them that cash in style.

Get the full DIY instructions from Jones Design Company.