When it comes to Christmas, this year I'm ALL about decorating my home from top to bottom. Well, actually, I always love decorating my home. The only difference is that this year I'm craving doing something a little bit more unique.

That's why I've completely fallen in love with these easy DIY Christmas garlands that are just PERFECT to spruce up your home. I mean, if you can do it yourself this easily, then why not? Plus, you can make this a weekend crafting project with the kids! That way, everyone participates in decorating for the Holidays—and you all have fun while doing it, too!

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Pine Cone Garland 1

Pine Cone Garland

Image via Twig & Thistle

This garland couldn't possible be cheaper to make. I mean, seriously, you can just go find some pine cones in your backyard and you're all set! Plus, you can spray on some fake snow or silver spray to make it sparkle a bit.

Get the full DIY instructions from Twig & Thistle.


“Believe” Christmas Banner 2

How cute is this "Believe" banner, made with silver cupcake holders? I bet you can spell out pretty much everything in this super-easy and adorable way!

Get the full DIY instructions from Organize Your Stuff Now.


Mirror Garland Sparkle 3

Mirror Garland Sparkle

Image via Apartment Therapy

I'm a HUGE fan of anything that sparkles and anything that lights up, especially around the Holidays. That's why this unique garland (using mirror garlands and Christmas lights) is tailor-made for me.

Get the full DIY instructions from Apartment Therapy.

Glitter Letters Garland 4

Glitter Letters Garland

Image via Honey & Fitz

This letter-cut-out garland is simply oh-so-pretty, isn't it? I love it because you can actually make this one and take it over to a relative's house for some extra sparkle decoration--or just use it yourself!

Get the full DIY instructions from Honey & Fitz.


Felt Candy Cane Twist 5

Felt Candy Cane Twist

Image via The Purl Bee

This felt white-and-red twist just reminds me of the peppermint candy canes I used to sneak off of the Christmas tree, one day at a time, when I was a kid. I think now I'd like to don my tree with this cute garland, instead!

Get the full DIY instructions from The Purl Bee.