Thanksgiving is almost here and what better way to get in the spirit of things than by engaging in a little arts and crafts fun with your kids? I know one of my favorite parts of the holidays growing up was making holiday-themed decorations and covering my entire house with them (despite my mother's gentle suggestions that maybe we didn't need another paper snowflake).

So this week on MamásLatinas Knows Best, we decided to show you the perfect way to get creative with your kids: by making these adorable Thanksgiving finger puppets! As staff writer Irina Gonzalez exemplifies in the video below, they're super easy to make and very affordable--we got all of the necessary materials for under $20! Check out what you need and how to get started here:

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Image via Fredy Perojo

Add Comment What Thanksgiving crafts do you and your kids like making together?
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Add Comment What Thanksgiving crafts do you and your kids like making together?

This is super cute.

thanks for such a great idea, my daughter is going to love this!



Those are so cute.  


That is so cute! I have leftover pipe cleaners we might just try it!


This are really cute ideas

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