5 Easy Thanksgiving candle decorations you can make with stuff you already own! (DIY)

With Thanksgiving just a little over a week away, I'm in major house-decorating mode. One of the things I love best about the holidays is candles. You can't exactly decorate with candles in the summer, since it's WAY too hot to light them when the temperature outside is quite steamy, too. That's why the Fall is perfect: you can have candles everywhere, set a beautiful mood and even warm up a bit in the process.

Well, the only thing about decorating the house with candles is that it's a bit boring and predictable, isn't it? When I started to look for how to incorporate my love of candles into my love of Thanksgiving, I thought: why not make some candle decorations myself? The only problem is that I just don't have a lot of time to devote to this craft project. That's why these 5 super-easy Thanksgiving candle decorations (all made with foods you already have around the house) are simply perfect. Come on, do it yourself!

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Add Comment Which of these Thanksgiving candle decorations is your favorite?



My favorite are the Cinnamon Stick Candles.


awesome ideas!!! I am going to  do the cinnamon stick candles :) 

I love these easy DIY ideas especially the acorn votive candle
I like these ideas except the corn husk one. It looks like a fire hazard to me.

I love the acorn ones! I would try to do a spin to it and use pine cones.


Now those are awesome! I love candles and I am always looking for different looks


I like the cinnamon sticks and acorn ones. Both of those would do well even for winter decorations.


This looks very cute and easy to make. Thanks

wow. these are amazing. thanks you for sharing. Thanksgiving Wishes for upcoming thanksgiving

Cute ideas. I like the acorn votives.

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