Celebrating Dia de los Muertos is all about spending time with your family. Yes, you should definitely make one of these delicious Día de los Muertos desserts but the thing I love most about Day of the Dead is being with my loved ones and honoring our past with some simple DIY crafts.

Take some time, gather your kids and start making one of these 5 super-easy Dia de los Muertos crafts. The best part is that these do-it-yourself activities don't take too much time but are definitely fun for everyone. Get crafty today!

Images via Bloesem Kids, Scrumdilly-Do!, Karen Mitchel, AZ Central, Twig and Toadstool, aeryn42/flickr

Rainbow Skull Garland 1

Rainbow Skull Garland

Garlands are a perfect, fun craft because it’s a pretty way to decorate just about any room. Try it in the kids’ room, the kitchen or even the living room for a festive look.
Get the full DIY instructions from Twig and Toadstool.


Easy Paper Flowers 2

Easy Paper Flowers

Paper flowers are fun to make, especially because then you can use them to adorn your Day of the Dead altar or just for the fun of decorating your home.
Get the full DIY instructions from AZ Central.


Skulls Coloring Pages 3

Skulls Coloring Pages

What’s easier than coloring? Print these pages out and have hours of fun, trying new colors, use glitter markers and just about anything else for a day full of fun.
Get the full DIY instructions from Karen Michel.

Decorated Calaca 4

Decorated Calaca

A full-body calaca? Why not? This one’s not as difficult as it sounds and it would be absolutely fun to decorate while remembering those dearly departed loved ones.
Get the full DIY instructions from Scrumdilly-Do!


Skull Suncatchers 5

Skull Suncatchers

Suncatchers may seem like a summer treat, but they’re pretty all year round. Make these Day of the Dead-themed suncatchers with the kids and enjoy the colorful lights.
Get the full DIY instructions from Bloesem Kids.