25 Christmas decorations for under $25

I absolutely love Christmas. I mean, like, everything about the holiday appeals to me. From the beautiful colors (Gold! Red! Green! Blue! Pink!) to the oh-so-tall Christmas tree I'm planning to put up to the fun DIY decorations I plan to make with my family.

Nothing is more fun, though, than decorating the house for Christmas. I'm definitely one of those that, the minute Thanksgiving is over, I am stringing lights, putting up the Christmas tree and doing just about anything to make my place look like Santa's Village. As much as I love decorating, though, every single year I end up wanting to change something up and buying new additions to my growing collection. This year I'm not wanting to spend too much money, though, which is why these 25 Christmas decorations under $25 are simply perfect. I know I'll be shopping these ASAP!

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Add Comment How are you planning to decorate your home for Christmas this year?
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Add Comment How are you planning to decorate your home for Christmas this year?

These are some really good ideas for under $25.

This year we are staying home for xmas so I am so excited to decorate my new home. My favorite is the Santa Claus Figurine!


those are some great ideas!


The nutcracker figurine is pretty rockin! I am going to decorate with the same ole decor from last year.

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