Well, now that I've shown you how pick out a Christmas tree, it's time to show you one of the best things that you can actually put on that tree: homemade ornaments!

Hear me out: Just like everyone else, I love going to the store and buying new ornaments every year. Of course, I also crawl into the attic (or basement, or top of the closet) to get down the Christmas decorations that I saved from previous years. All of that is fun and good, but there's something extra-special about taking a little time to add some do-it-yourself super-cute Christmas crafts to decorate the tree with. Try one or all 5 of these simple Christmas crafts with the whole family--and everyone will love decorating the tree even more!

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Paper Snowflakes 1

Paper Snowflakes

Image via Apartment Therapy

Snowflakes are my favorite thing about Christmas, so of course the first thing I want to make is a beautiful DIY snowflake for the tree. I especially love the pink one!

Get the full DIY instructions from Apartment Therapy.


String Popcorn 2

String Popcorn

Image via flavouredechoes/flickr

Popcorn strings are one of the most classic things about Christmas, so building one of these is just part of the process, right? Plus, you can even snack while crafting!

Get the full DIY instructions from SheKnows.com.


Silver Pinecones 3

Pinecones are really fun to play with. You can paint them in different colors, but I definitely think that silver looks the classiest and most beautiful. Don't you agree?

Get the full DIY instructions from Do It Yourself Divas.

Colorful Pompons 4

Colorful Pompons

Image via Remade Simple

Decorate the tree with a pop of color when you make these super-cute pompoms string. Do it with the kids or even the whole family for a nice evening of fun.

Get the full DIY instructions from ReMadeSimple.


Scrabble Ornaments 5

Scrabble Ornaments

Image via Atypical Type A

What do you do with old Scrabble tiles? Why, make adorable Christmas ornaments, of course! I simply love these. Plus, you can even spell out your family's names! So cute.

Get the full DIY instructions from Atypical Type A.