My favorite thing about the fall, besides the delicious pumpkin-spiced foods and Halloween desserts, is the foliage. What's prettier than seeing all of those gold, orange, and bright red leaves everywhere? Even if you're living in a state that doesn't change with the colors of the season, I bet you've seen pretty photos and been inspired.

Being inspired by fall foliage is exactly what's got me thinking about leaf crafts. These 5 fun and super-easy leaf-inspired crafts are great to do with the kids this Autumn. You will have fun, they will have fun, and you will end up with some adorable decorations. Talk about a great day!

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Bean Leaf 1

Bean Leaf

Image via

How adorable is this? I definitely want to make a leaf with beans! This is definitely a fun craft, inspired by the Fall, and coupled with one of our favorite ingredients. Cute!

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Cut-Leaf Art 2

Cut-Leaf Art

Image via Better Homes

When you take a walk with the kids and pick up a couple of pretty-colored leaves, why not turn them into a beautiful piece of art to hang on your walls? I just love this idea.

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Leaf ABC Animals 3

Leaf ABC Animals

Image via Martha Stewart

Help teach your kids their ABC's with this super-adorable leaf art, representing the different animals and other drawings. Seriously, I kind of want these for myself!

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Mini Leaf Toppers 4

Mini Leaf Toppers

Image via Rachel Ray

These cupcake toppers are absolutely adorable, aren't they? Get to baking in the kitchen and then create these cute crafts with your kids. Who wouldn't just love them?

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Painted Leaves 5

Painted Leaves

Image via A Subtle Revelry

Painting leaves? How genius, easy, and quick is that? The cool thing about this is that I bet you can do it in pretty much any color and it would be great to play up any room.

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