You know what one of my absolute FAVORITE things about the fall is? Pinecones!

I know, I know, that might seem a bit silly. But, seriously, pinecones are awesome. They're pretty and you can make a ton of different decorations with them. Even better than decorating your house, though, is making a pinecone bird feeder with your kids. It's the autumn activity that I would put at the top of the fun and super-easy list of things to do outside. Don't you want to learn?!


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In the SUPER adorable video I found, below, a mom and her son actually do all of the teaching--but it's so simple that anyone could do it! In fact, you'll hear yourself from the young boy how to craft the pinecone bird feeder. All you really need is a pretty pinecone, some peanut butter (maybe you want to make your own?), birdseed and string.

Seriously, doesn't that just sound easy? If I were you, I'd make a few of these fun fall family crafts and hang them all around. After all, you don't want just one spot where the birdies can get them--it's always much more fun to see them all around. So get crafting and make this pinecone bird feeder with your kids--they (and you) will love it!

Image via Domestic Wonder/ Meagan/flickr

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