The words "how to sit on Ryan Gosling's face" immediately caught my attention. Seriously, how is that possible? 

Well, for $950 now you really CAN sit on any hot celebrity's face--sort of. Say welcome to the website, where you can buy a chair with a celebrity's face on it. There are already some designed chairs that you can go ahead and buy, or you can just look at the pretty faces on chairs. So here are the 8 ways that YOU can put your butt on a hot celebrity's face--or at least fantasize about it!

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Jennifer Lopez chair 1

Jennifer Lopez chair

Image via Facechairs

The incredibly sexy Latina looks GORGEOUS on this chair, doesn't she? Maybe sitting my behind will help me absorb some of her creative energy and success.


William Levy 2

William Levy

Image via Getty Images

Okay, I'm gonna admit it: I wouldn't mind sitting on William Levy's face any time, day or night! In fact, it would kind of be awesome to have his gorgeous face on my chair.


Barack Obama chair 3

Barack Obama chair

Image via Facechairs

Okay, so maybe this one's a little bit on the disrespectful side but... POTUS chair? Sure, why not?! It would certainly make ME feel more patriotic.

Ricky Martin 4

Ricky Martin

Image via Getty Images

He can sing, he can dance, he can make me laugh--it's all good! Plus, he's a totally adorable dad, so why not make a chair out of this hot Latino papi, too?


Sofia Vergara chair 5

Sofia Vergara chair

Image via Facechairs

I have quite a few guy friends who definitely wouldn't mind staring--I mean, sitting--on this Latina funnywoman's face all day. She's sexy AND hysterical, so why not?


Rodrigo Santoro 6

Rodrigo Santoro

Image via Getty Images


He's beautiful, gorgeous, sexy, and oh-so-many more words to describe the Brazilian model-turned-actor. Yes, I would DEFINITELY add him to my hot celeb chair collection!


Ryan Gosling chair 7

Ryan Gosling chair

Image via Facechairs

Admit it: Eva Mendes is one VERY lucky Latina for constantly hanging on the side of her boyfriend. I'd definitely like to know what that's like, even if it's just with a chair!

Javier Bardem 8

Javier Bardem

Image via Splash News

He's seriously sexy in that very rugged way. Man, I think he could even make a cool chair in a manly man's apartment--but I bet it'd be much more fun at MY place instead.