How to enjoy fresh summer fruits & veggies in the Fall (VIDEO)

If you tried your hand at gardening this past Spring and Summer, what are you going to do with your fruits and vegetables now? Even if you haven't been planting anything, I'm also a big fan of buying seasonal produce at local farmer's markets. But how do you enjoy fresh fruit and veggies in the Fall? Here's our guide. 


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One of the best things I learned from my grandfather was canning. Canning is the way that people have been preserving fruits and vegetables. You can make delicious jams, compotes and marmalades with the fruit. You can pickle the vegetables or just pack them up fresh. The best part, though, is that you'll get to enjoy delicious fresh produce months later. 

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You do have to be careful with canning, though. It's really not as simple as just putting some chopped bananas in a jar and sealing it. You have to make sure that the jars are properly cleaned and that you leave the right amount of air on top. It's also not as hard as it sounds, though, if you learn the proper steps for canning on eHow and by watching the video, below. Your family will certainly be thanking you this Fall and winter!

Are you planning to preserve your fresh fruit and veggies with canning? Share with us in the comments below!

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