How scents can change the way you feel at home

Having your home smell amazing is one of the great, small pleasures in life. I've always been a big fan of aromatherapy (that's stress-relief therapy induced by nice smells), so lighting a candle at the end of the day is one of my favorite ways to relax in my own home. 

Scents can vary depending on your mood and, surprisingly, on what room of the house you're in. So what's the perfect scent for the bathroom or the kid's room? Choosing the perfect one will help you feel more comfortable in any room of your house, so here's the ultimate guide to which scent to pair with which room and fall in love with your home all over again


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Lavender: You know my favorite thing to do in the bathroom? Take a nice, soothing bubble bath at the end of the week. There's nothing more relaxing than that and the perfect scent to go with the bubbles is (and always has been) lavender. It's actually been proven to help calm people down, so how can you resist?

Vanilla: When I'm in the kitchen, I want everything to smell delicious. Occasionally I'll go for an apple scent or something like that but the real classic here is vanilla (maybe with some cinnamon thrown in). Whenever I put this scent on, I think of the delicious pastries that my abuelita used to bake and it brings back warm memories. 

Mango: Maybe it's the big family parties I'm used to having or just that being with family makes me think of something sweet, but I always love having the scent of mango even when I'm just reclining and watching a movie with my immediate family. It's always a good time, really. 

Chamomille: I have to admit: when I get to the bedroom, I am usually pretty tired. I'm sure that I'm not the only woman who is constantly busy and half the time just wants to go straight to bed. Well, after a hard day, I love the smell of chamomille to lull me into a very peaceful sleep. 

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Lemon: Okay, so the kid's room tends to have some issues looking clean. So what's a woman to do? Well, I have a sneaky little trick: I make sure that the kid's room always smells like lemon so that at least if I can't keep it fully clean, it'll at least SMELL like it's clean. A little tricky but, hey, it works!

Grass: This is definitely the part of the house that I like to call the "man smell". It may sound a bit silly, but you have to make sure that this area isn't stinky either, right? One of my favorite smells is the smell of fresh cut grass, which is why I try to light a candle here once in a while that will make it smell nice and manly. 

Coconut: Every room in the house has a particular smell and coconut is by far my favorite scent for the laundry room. I know that most people would prefer some sort of fresh rain-y kind of smell for this section of the home but I really think coconut is the way to go. It's sweet, mellow and kind of makes me dream of a tropical vacation, which helps to pass the hours as I fold clean clothes. 

What is your favorite scent at home? Do you enjoy lighting candles based on your mood? Share with us in the comments below!

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