10 Kitchen tools I can't live without

I'm a pretty serious foodie. My love of food started at an early age and only grew as my abuelita and mami taught me how to cook. To this day, whenever I go home to visit my mom, she's always got a cool new kitchen tool. Sometimes it's something silly (like a watermelon knife) and other times it's something that I now use almost all the time (like my avocado peeler).

No matter what the brand new gadget I'm eyeing, I definiltey have my top 10 kitchen tools that I absolutely, positively could NOT live without. These are the tools that make me happy, help me make great food and keep me coming back for more...food, that is!

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What are your favorite kitchen tools? Share with us in the comments below!

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Irina Gonzalez is a Staff Writer for MamásLatinas. She loves pop culture, social media, photography and, above all, discovering new places. She's also a foodie eating healthy and learning to enjoy exercise.

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Some of my favorites are mesh colander, tongs, baking trays and tupperware food storage. I cannot live without the baking trays or tupperware.

I have 8 out of the 11 kitchen tools they are very helpful in the kitchen

Most of these ideas are good. My favorite is the lime squeezer it's the best way to get all the juice out.

Lol ooohhh man, I only have 5 out of 10!!



My favorite is my knife that allows me to cut tomatoes without squishing them.


I have 5 out of the 11. I love my crockpot. it is a life saver. Since we have such a crazy schedule



I like my crockpot


I really need to update my kitchen. *sighs*

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