Why Pinterest is so awesome!

I seldom have time for Facebook, Twitter or any other social platform. Heck, I barely have time to be social, period! But from time to time I discover things (or people discover them for me) that make my life much better.  Pinterest has changed my life for the better!

For those of you who don't know, Pinterest is a chic visual bookmarking website where you create virtual pinboards of stuff you like.


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These pinboards can consist of pictures you collect from your favorite websites, blogs, photographs, foods, crafts, decoration tips, travel destinations, shopping lists etc. You categorize each image you find on each board and then you share with others.

Before Pinterest I used to tear up magazines whenever I found cool things, recipes or ideas, but it became impossible to organize them. And now that I've gone digital with this hobby, I can I organize all my creative inspirations and "great finds" in my virtual pinboards.

Here, 5 reasons why Pinterest is amazing.

1. It facilitates your shopping.

I come across so many things for myself, my kids, my hone, and Pinterest makes it so much easier to organize it all. When it comes time to actually buy things, you can click through and purchase them online.

2. It makes it Easy To Revisit Something.

Nothing bugs me more than not being able to find a creative idea I fell in love with, like birthday party suggestions or amazing recipes. Bookmarking can become as insane as tearing magazines apart, but "pinning" all your favorite things on the web, makes it simple to re-visit all these finds whenever you may need them.

Not only that, but be prepared to find many new and amazing blogs through Pinterest, from craft bloggers to photographers, new designers, travel experts, fitness gurus, lifestyle websites and so much more. You will be blown away, I promise.

3. "Liking" and "Repining" are easy.

The "like" action lets Pinterest know your taste, so they usually forward boards they believe you will find interesting.

The "Repin" action is for all the things you want to re-visit at some time down the road.

4. It's friendly & social.

Sharing is the word! Pinterest users openly share ideas and inspiration. You just feel like they're genuinely happy to be there and you also know that they're smiling every time you "repin" their finds.

People who follow you, can then click through to the website it was pinned from, to learn more about that pin.

5. It's very customizable.

We all have unique interests and passions. And it's great that you can follow all of someone's boards -- or just the few -- you are interested in.

Life is too busy and we don't want to inundate ourselves with too much content. With Pinterest you can give and take what you want & leave the clutter behind.

You can also rearrange your boards according to your mood or to the season. For instance, you may have certain winter holiday boards at the top of your collection, but when they're over, you can move "spring ideas" to the top.

So what do you say, give it a try? Or do you already love Pinterest? What are your favorite things to pin? I would love to know!

Image via Mamás Latinas

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