Sometimes I need to clean something in my house but I don't have the particular product for it. For instance, the other day I had to get an ink stain out of my sweater and I had NO idea how to do it without a dry cleaner. A few months before that, I struggled with trying to find just the right product to clean some very, very dirty oven racks.

Apparently, though, all I really had to do was look at some products that I already had in my home! Making your own cleaning supplies is easier than you'd think and, with these 5 super easy DIY products to clean your home in a pinch, there's a few places where you can save money AND get the best cleaning done in the process.

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Have you ever tried any DIY home cleaning products? Which of these tips is your favorite? Share with us in the comments below!

5 DIY products to clean your home

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Fabric Softener Makes Febreze

Here’s how: I changed their recipe up a bit to refill my existing 32 oz. Febreze Spray Bottle: 1/8 Cup of Your Favorite Fabric Softener, 2 Tablespoons Baking Soda, Hot Tap Water.  Fill the Bottle to the Top. Shake it up in your spray bottle and you're ready to go and fight those stinky dog odors!

Instructions courtesy of Fake It Frugal.

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White Vinegar will also clean hard water stains off of dishes. I learned this tip living in Germany since all of my dishes became very chalky. I soaked them in water and 3 parts vinegar for 30 minutes and then gave them a good scrub.


Thanks for the tips!

Those are pretty good tips. I really like how downy fabric softner can make good use for febreeze.


I've used baking soda and vinegar.

My favorite is # 3 the Lemon Juice to Wash Aluminum Cookware.



I've used baking soda and vinegar.

My favorite is # 3 the Lemon Juice to Wash Aluminum Cookware.

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